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I was walking by the corridor. I can’t say whether it’s a school or a mall. The reason why I can say it’s a school is because of the students walking around. Some were wearing my school’s PE uniform, and some were not in uniform. I heard people screaming far behind my back when they saw Kris who is there ahead of me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me and ran together. The reason why I can say that I’m inside a mall is when we reached farther from the people screaming for him, still there at that corridor, there were a salesman and a saleslady who told us to hide at the fitting room. The salesman brought us to the second door. We hid there and sat on the floor. I tried to lock the door but it’s broken. I held the door to prevent anyone who would try to go to Kris. Until there were 3 or 4 students knocking on the door looking for Kris. I bet they want to hear Kris’ statement too. Kris was just sitting there quietly and you can read by his face that he is not fine and is going through something. I asked him. "Is it all true?" He didn’t answer but you can tell by his face that everything seems true. The students who were knocking outside were suddenly gone. At first, it was a narrow fitting room but it suddenly turned out into almost as big as the three cubicles in our school. All of sudden, I saw my ‘friends’ at the corner watching me and Kris. In real life, they’re not my friends, I don’t even know them but their faces were familiar that I think I’ve seen them in my school before. Since they’re my friends, they’re a fan too. "Kris, my friends are here." I whispered to him. "Call them and block the door." He said. I did what he said and called my friends.

The answer i’ve been waiting for.

Kris and I are at a beach. We were sitting on the sand. Again, I asked him "Kris, is it all true?” He nodded. He was all too quiet. I felt very sad when I saw him nod. It means, it’s true that he is leaving EXO. I didn’t hear any explanations from him because I didn’t bother asking him. I massaged his foot for him to relax but wait, why does his foot smells not good? XD (Sorry, but this was really in my dream XD)

I came to Suho who’s also sitting on the sand far from where Kris and I were sitting. I asked him the same question. "Suho, is it all true?" "SM is slicing his pulse." He answered and you can see the sadness on his face. Slicing his pulse? What does he mean?

He grabbed his phone and showed me a text message. It was a long a message. It’s all about Kris’ issues that he told Suho. I can’t remember the whole message because it was too long. All I could remember is, the message starts at “One day”

Suho explained to me everything as I finished reading the text message. "They’re slicing his pulse. While fighting for his right, they’re slicing his pulse when he’s not aware." He said. "By the staffs?" I asked and then he nodded. I asked him to forward to me the text message.

I’m slowly walking across the narrow top of a yard in the middle of a sea. Sounds weird, right? My phone is at the end of it and I have to go get it. I’m trying to balance myself while walking because if I did something wrong, I will fall to the water. When I’m halfway approaching my phone, the wave hit it and it was already wet.  When I tried to open my phone, it’s not working anymore. "They’re slicing his pulse. While fighting for his right, they’re slicing his pulse when he’s not aware." Suho’s statement was echoing in my mind. Because of thinking, I fell to the water and realized it wasn’t deep as I thought. I walked.

After that, I woke up. I should’ve stayed asleep so that I could understand everything.” I grabbed my laptop and typed this. My tears fell once more.


This is all true. I dreamed about it last night :( Ugh, I wish I continued sleeping and know more about Kris’ issues. :(

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